Lack of basic vision health knowledge and cognitive misunderstandings are the main reasons why poor vision cannot be improved in time. Therefore, it is very important to advocate and enhance the awareness of vision health. Essilor Vision Foundation China has continuously supported vision health research, calling on all sectors to strengthen awareness, and actively carry out public education activities on vision health knowledge, to help more people understand its importance.


Conduct vision health research to advocate public policy

The book "National Vision Care Report" written by Li Ling, professor of economics at the National School of Development of Peking University and head of China Center for Health Development, was officially published on October 2016, which is the first-of-its-kind domestic study of national vision health in China.

In June 2021, the "National Vision Care Report" was updated with the release of the "Report on the Prevention and Control of Myopia in Children and Adolescents in the Information Age", which has practical significance for the prevention and control of myopia of children and adolescents.

Carry out public education to raise public awareness

In November 2020, Essilor Vision Foundation China supported and published the first domestic 3D pop-up book "Our Eyes", the first popular science popularization book for children's eye care and eye protection, which became a good helper for parents, teachers and school administrators to carry out myopia prevention and control education.

Since 2017, Essilor Vision Foundation China has cooperated with the "Seeing Love" charity organization to provide visual health course to help children develop good eye care habits.

Since May 2019, Essilor Vision Foundation China has continued to support the "Education In Sight" (NGO) to carry out the project to train 5,000 volunteer school teachers to learn the eye care courses, then to teach students in their schools, and continuously provide students with knowledge about eye protection and enhance their awareness of eye care.